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Onigiri Rice Balls and Tom’s Yum Salad
Okonomiyaki with Gouda Cheese and Bacon
Pakoras and Pork Sui Gao Dumplings
Potato Pakoras with Taramind Dip

ASIA POP! ‘s first street food event in Bristol
Yoko cooking Okonomiyaki on a hot plate street food style
Rose and Cardamon Cakes
Mini Onigiri Stars and Hearts in a basket
Yoko, Ursula and I spent the whole of the last weekend rehearsing and finalising dishes for ASIA POP’s premiere on 27 October… fun was had, we’ve still got lots to do but things are moving along nicely.
If you are in Bristol on the weekend 27 October, do stop by, you’ll be in for a treat (or several).